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Conley & Silvers Travel

Project Goals

Conley & Silvers is a Boutique Travel firm specializing in niche group trips as well as custom private itineraries. As such, it needed a sophisticated look with custom designed pages to highlight their unique travel services.

The website had to be easy to update with new information and mobile friendly as many customers book travelthrough their phones.

Scope of Work

I designed and built a website on Squarespace to allow for optimal global compatibility and minimal maintenance for the business. The design itself prioritizes the sales of their small group trips, called ‘Soirées,’ and serves as a luxe digital travel brochure.
In addition, I work with Conley & Silvers regularly to launch on-brand MailChimp sales campaigns and regular content updates to the site.
Most recently I built a custom database and traveler portal for C&S clients so that they can log in and see their itinerary information.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Curious what building a website would involve? Contact me to arrange a free consultation (up to 1 hour) when you can ask some questions. If you like, afterward I will send you a project proposal with time and cost estimates.