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Alley Cat Bookstore & Gallery

Project Goals

Alley Cat Bookstore & Gallery is a hub for neighborhood events in addition to selling books and featuring local artists. The main goal for the website was to provide easy to access and update information that would bring customers into the store.

Scope of Work

I designed and built a website on Squarespace to allow for optimal global compatibility and minimal maintenance for the business. The design itself prioritizes the events that take place at Alley Cat, while making various other topics easy to find.
In order to provide informationto the Spanish-speaking community of Alley Cat’s vibrant Mission neighborhood, the site needed to be bilingual, as well as easy to update for the monthly event calendar and gallery shows.
The store itself has fun, colorful decor and I matched that feeling in the choice of type and color palette as well as in the logo update. I also took photos of the store to feature on the various pages and give visitors a sense of the space. 

Schedule a Free Consultation

Curious what building a website would involve? Contact me to arrange a free consultation (up to 1 hour) when you can ask some questions. If you like, afterward I will send you a project proposal with time and cost estimates.