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Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Project Goals

Ruth Ben-Ghiat is a historian and author whose increasing media presence necessitated an updated website to showcase her press presence and various published work. The new site needed to be custom to her various media as well as easy to keep updated with her latest content.

Scope of Work

I designed a custom website on WordPress using a site-builder called Elementor that would allow Ruth to copy and update pieces of my design in the future if she needed to add more content.

I chose type to highlight the quotes that Ruth gives to the press and divided up her homepage to showcase her various media. Each new piece of content only needs to be added as a blog post, and it will be tagged and show up on the appropriate places on the website.

The design itself was in a color palette Ruth associated with her personal brand, and the layout emphasizes her media presence as the site’s primary focus is for viewers and potential interviewers.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Curious what building a website would involve? Contact me to arrange a free consultation (up to 1 hour) when you can ask some questions. If you like, afterward I will send you a project proposal with time and cost estimates.