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Websites can be useful and easy!​

There is enormous opportunity to connect with an audience via the internet. However, creating and maintaining a website can seem like a chore, especially if you don’t particularly like working with technology in the first place.

I can empower you to control your internet presence by helping you get started with a site and teaching you how to maintain it in a way that is easy for you and makes sense for your budget.



Website Design

 Analysis of the goals for your project and detailed design proposals with critique. Construction of a website and a support plan with tutorials for continued maintenance.


Sometimes folks have a great idea of what they want to do but are unfamiliar with the platform. I can help you learn to use Squarespace by building a site for you and then showing you how to use it.


While most clients prefer to maintain their site on their own, I do offer a variety of ongoing services including site content updates and security checks for those with more complex projects.


Logos & Branding

In-depth discussion of business identity and developing a logo concept for your business or personal brand. Includes a style-guide for future projects that lists color choices and font options.

Custom Illustrations

With my art background, I can deliver custom artwork such as illustrations, infographics, and icons to communicate your message.

Graphic & Print Design

On-brand designs for print projects such as business cards, flyers, book covers, and signs.

Et Cetera


I can help you translate your web design’s style-guide into on-brand content for emails on MailChimp, social media accounts, or other advertising.

Tech Support

Sometimes technology issues can be a barrier for getting a website up! I can help with file storage, email organization, domain transfers, and tutorials for many types of technology.

You Name It

I love learning new things and recently built a custom database for a client because an out-of-the box CRM wasn’t cutting it! Let me know what you want to do and we can talk about a flat-rate price for me to help you learn or do it.