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Kate Razo Art Portfolio

Project Goals Kate Razo is an artist and small business owner who needed an easy to maintain website that showcased her art and allowed for online sales in the future. Scope of Work I set up a Squarespace website so that Kate could easily copy page formatting and add new photos of artwork. The platform […]

Alley Cat Bookstore & Gallery

Project Goals Alley Cat Bookstore & Gallery is a hub for neighborhood events in addition to selling books and featuring local artists. The main goal for the website was to provide easy to access and update information that would bring customers into the store. Scope of Work I designed and built a website on Squarespace […]

Conley & Silvers Travel

Project Goals Conley & Silvers is a Boutique Travel firm specializing in niche group trips as well as custom private itineraries. As such, it needed a sophisticated look with custom designed pages to highlight their unique travel services. The website had to be easy to update with new information and mobile friendly as many customers […]